Download your copy of ‘The FM as a data scientist’.

A white paper reporting on research findings, industry insights and lessons learned from other industries.

Our white paper, ‘The FM as a data scientist’ explores lessons already learned from data-rich industries such as healthcare and retail, and shows how you should and can lead in the digital transformation of your organisation.

The research report advises FMs on:

  • Turning data into valuable business insight
  • Getting to grips with big data policies and ownership
  • Understanding risks and regulatory requirements
Download your copy of ‘The FM as a data scientist’.

Download your copy of Urgent’s white paper: The FM as a data scientist.

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How can facilities managers harness the power of data?

Data is an indispensable tool for the modern facilities manager, but our research shows many are not using it to its full potential. We surveyed a range of FMs on the topic and their current strategies, giving us unique perspective for a report featuring:

  • 16 pages of professional advice from CAFM experts
  • Contributions from industry authorities
  • Actionable insight on harnessing big data
“Data is the lifeblood of the digital economy. It can give insight, inform decisions and deepen relationships.”
—Richard Petley, PwC
The FM as a data scientist
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Big data is changing the face of facilities management.

While FMs recognise the potential impact of big data, many are not yet in a position to take advantage of it, and only one third actually have a big data policy in place.

Much of the industry has yet to use big data to improve business performance, yet better insight into user behaviours and asset performance could revolutionise how buildings and services are managed.

While using big data presents challenges (not least in protecting the privacy and security of the people within an organisation) as an FM you’re already well-versed in a range of regulatory and compliance issues, putting you in an ideal position to oversee and manage data within your organisation.